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Brand building made simple: introducing WOKE's Monthly Plans for Social Purpose Organizations

When it comes to brand marketing and communications, why should small social enterprises, nonprofits, and other civil society organizations pick between a service that doesn't give them enough and one that costs too much? Why can't you have the right amount of everything at the right price?

I have asked these same questions for years. No more. I am so proud to introduce WOKE's Monthly Plans. They are flexible, short-term commitments for social purpose organizations that want to scale their voice, visibility and authority.

Why go monthly? Consistency. It's key.

Engaging with your network is essential for building exposure, recognition and trust. The more you share who you are, where you have been, what you have learned, and the ways your community benefits from what you do, the more you gain. You increase your credibility, support network, and power of influence to scale impact.

There are far too many stats available to validate the need for continuous engagement and consistent branding. Like, it takes approximately five to eight impressions for people to remember a brand, and consistent presentation of a brand can lead to nearly 33% in increased revenue, and let's not forget, content marketing delivers 3x higher brand engagement.

Doing good is a marathon and hard work. How you brand and market your efforts shouldn't make the journey harder or longer (and really, that sounds way more costly given the climate crisis, worsening global food insecurity, rising sea levels, and the resurgence of draconian laws).

If your team is short on creative resources, headspace and time, we are here, and we are ready. We are creatives with years of experience in international development and social impact. We know how to build, launch, manage and grow impact-first brands with a laser focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. Local, national, global, we've done it all.

Find out which plan is right for your organization. Together, let's help you create brand buzz for good that doesn't buzz off.


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