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empowering you and the creative talent you need

You are in the business of creating change. That can involve many things, like influencing decision-makers, educating companies on ways to use their resources more effectively, and demonstrating how people can better exercise their citizenship. 


These are big things to deliver on. If you are a small social purpose organization, finding experienced creative talent that is affordable and aware of what you are doing and why can be time-consuming and challenging. So, branding, growth marketing and public relations fall on the one or two people you have managed to find. 

When your marketing and communications team has reached its limit for what it can do, so has your brand.

We are on a mission to help small teams develop big brands that can take their passion and purpose forward. And in doing so, we are committed to taking better care of the creative people involved.


If your small marketing team starts to feel over-stretched, lonely or uninspired, these conditions become barriers that hurt their success and your brand growth. With us, your team gets the partnership to stretch their creative muscles, test their assumptions and do what is needed to support every level of the marketing funnel to build brands that are more impactful

Algae Farm

we strive for a sustainable, inclusive and equitable world.


'WOKE' was coined in the early 1900s by leaders in the Black community in America to raise awareness of the formalized racism threatening Black lives. As the years went on, WOKE became an important part of the lexicon for social and racial justice in America and everywhere else where African descendent populations faced oppression.


As time moves forward, it layers on new meaning to language. Today, WOKE is also employed to encourage people to recognize the reality of global Black citizens and other people of colour who remain underserved and held back by oppressive systems. 

We believe your identity, story and mission all matter because of the space they create. 


Space for people to feel a sense of belonging, to align with their values and purpose, and to find inspiration in uncertain times.

Our approach to brand building comes with a clear point of view. We define, design and nurture brands with an intent to create space for people of different backgrounds, colour and creed to feel seen and understood and find inspiration and connection.


In doing so, we raise questions to examine how our ideas and creative solutions consider people of colour, indigenous communities, women and girls, and differently abled individuals.  

sustainable development cannot happen without inclusion.

and inclusion is diverse representation and thought. 

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